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Winter swimming in Porvoo

Winter swimming is a special experience that attracts adventurous spirits and nature enthusiasts. For winter swimmers, Elämyspoukama offers wonderful opportunities to enjoy the refreshing and invigorating effects of cold seawater and the beautiful archipelago scenery.

Winter Swimming as a Promoter of Well-being:

Winter swimming is well-known for its numerous health benefits. Cold water immersion stimulates blood circu

Elämyspoukama winter swimming location opening hours

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Phone: 0401649993

Winter swimming price list


Breakfast with winter swimming available with advance booking. Price 12 € / person.
Breakfast on site 15 € / person subject to availability.
Children under 12 years for breakfast at half price



Family ticket 36 € (incl. 2 adults + 3 children)
Breakfast with winter swimming available on reservation. Price 12 € / person.
Breakfast on site 15 € / person subject to availability
Children under 12 years for breakfast at half price

Instructions for Winter Swimmers

Before winter swimming, it is important to be properly prepared. Dress warmly before and after the swim.

Getting Started with Winter Swimming:

Preparation and Gear:

  • When starting winter swimming, ensure you are properly equipped.
  • Wear a swimsuit and a cap.
  • You can get winter swimming shoes, neoprene socks, and gloves for added protection and comfort.

Familiarize Yourself with the Winter Swimming Location:

  • Choose a safe winter swimming location, such as Elämyspoukama, and get to know it before swimming.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines of the winter swimming spot.

Move Carefully:

  • Walk to the winter swimming spot carefully, especially when paths are slippery.
  • Use non-slip shoes if necessary.
  • Hold onto railings when possible to ensure safe movement.

Avoid Diving and Head Immersion:

  • Avoid diving or immersing your head, as it can lead to hypothermia.
  • Using a head cover is recommended.

Enter the Water Gently:

  • Enter the water slowly, preferably using stairs or a ladder.
  • Hold onto handrails and give yourself the opportunity to exit the water if needed.

Control Your Breathing:

  • Breathe calmly through your mouth and exhale slowly when entering the water.
  • Calming your breath is essential in cold water.

Exit the Water Calmly:

  • When you decide to finish your swim, exit the water gently.
  • Avoid wet hands grabbing icy railings.

Wrap Up in Warm Clothing:

  • Wrap yourself in a towel or bathrobe immediately after getting out of the water.
  • Warm clothing prevents rapid body cooling.

Warm-Up and Hydrate:

  • Move to a warm area, take a warm shower, and/or enjoy a sauna, but avoid extremely hot saunas.
  • Stay hydrated, especially with lukewarm or warm beverages after winter swimming.


  • Ensure you have the necessary equipment, such as a swimsuit, cap, appropriate footwear for walking, and optional neoprene socks and gloves.

As a beginner, it’s important to follow these guidelines and be cautious. Winter swimming can be a highly enjoyable and healthy activity when practiced safely and properly equipped.

Welcome to the world of winter swimming at Elämyspoukama!


Winter swimming at Elämyspoukama in Porvoo offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the winter beauty of the Porvoo archipelago and experience the health benefits of winter swimming.

Santa Claus Recommends Elämyspoukama Winter Swimming Location

Combining winter swimming with the rental of an E-fatbike bike or snowshoes gives you an unforgettable day of winter sports.

Ask more about rental at or 0401649993